Friday, August 6, 2010

Pitfire Pizza @ Culvery City

Dairy Queen (the person, not the fast food chain) really raved about this place. I liked the concept. Interesting twists on pizza, such as green eggs and ham pizza. We also tried the meatballs which were just OK, and the grilled steak salad which needed a better dressing. The place had a nice vibe, with large open spaces, modern decor and menu. I think maybe I'd go back but order different things. The one thing I really like was the Jumbo Chocolate Chunk Cookie with Vanilla Soft Serve from Strauss Family Creamery in Marin topped with Housemade Caramel Sauce and Maldon Salt.

I'm really beginning to appreciate sea salt on sweet foods. Somehow it just enhances the flavors if done correctly. There was also something really special about the soft serve, which I can't describe, but it was creamy, sweet, and perfectly textured. Not too thick, not too melty, not too icy. The cookie could have been softer, but overall it was a winner in my book!

Pitfire Pizza (its a chain, so go to the website to find a location near you)


Anonymous said...

Hello Overworked! I wanted to comment on your blog as a spokesperson for Pitfire Pizza. We are so happy to hear you'll come back! Our smothered cookie is amazing, we agree that salt and sweet is a magical mix. We hope that on your next visit, you are blown away by one of our pizzas. Try the Heirloom Tomato Pizza on our Summer Special menu, if you like tomatoes, you'll love this!

Here's to seeing you soon again!

The Pitfire Pizza People.

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