Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Levain Bakery

Any trip anywhere isn't complete without a bit of sweet to over indulge in.  While a trip to NYC usually necessitates a hike to The Doughnut Plant, the 3 Little Monsters made it too difficult to trek all the way out to the Lower Eastside.  Luckily we found Levain Bakery which was just a short jaunt away from our condo and is known for its cookies.  I love me a good cookie!!  It has 2226 reviews on Yelp so it had to be amazing right?

I was quite surprised by the limited selection of cookies.  You're pretty much looking at what they had. I asked if they had run out or something but they said this is what they usually serve.  Now I'm all for doing a few things really really well as opposed to have some gargantuan selection of low quality goods, but the most tantalizing foreplay to a fantastic meal or snack is the visual display of too many delicious things to eat.  The foreplay here left much to be desired.

Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie
Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie
Fortunately, the main attraction did not disappoint.  The cookies are frickin' GINORMO, and really feel more like a heavy dense cookie cake than a true cookie.  Everyone preferred the regular cookie better than the chocolate chocolate one which I guess tasted more like a brownie.  This is NOT something you should eat in one sitting or alone.  These things have got be a giant calorie bomb.  They are flatter, but generally the size of your fist.
So Levain is pretty good, but not something I would trek across the country for, probably because I prefer a real cookie and not a cake cookie.  I'm still praying for that day that The Doughnut Plant decides to grace the West Coast with its presence.  I mean they have locations in Korea and Japan! Why not LA/OC???

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eleven Madison Park

When I dreamed of the moment I would get to have my way with NYC, I always saw Per Se as the juicy succulent main course, and all other dining adventures as just appetizers to whet my appetite.  I didn't give much thought to what else could be on the menu.  The Pouter, being the savvy foodie she is, told me to make reservations at Eleven Madison Park in addition to Per Se.  Unfortunately she had to bow out, so I filled the empty spots with good ole sistah, Triple F, and my dearest mums.  Triple T and Smooth Obturator had to stay home and watch the 3 Little Monsters.  Oh snap, did those two miss out on the BEST FUCKING MEAL OF A LIFETIME!  Eleven Madison Park turned out to be the stunning pièce de résistance of my all too short NYC food tour.

Cheddar savory black and white cookie with apple
Who doesn't like little boxes tied up in string with a delicious surprise hiding inside?  I can't really say these tasted like cheddar or apple but they are misleading sweet when in fact they were savory.

Sea Urchin snow with smoked cantaloupe and yogurt
A bright refreshing start to the menu.  Who know cantaloupe would pair so nicely with uni.  There was also basil and lime yogurt adding some more herbaceous and acid notes.  Two bites and this was gone gone gone.

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