Monday, January 31, 2011


Not all my posts can be about amazing 3 star Michelin restaurants.  Well, at least, some of my readers prefer it that way.  Something about pretentiousness and the like.  So to all of you, I dedicate this entry.

Burgerville is something like the In N' Out of the Pacific Northwest.  I'm not quite sure if that's the truth, but I've been told something along those lines.  The burgers are supposed to be "pretty good."  Zhu Zhu Hamster said Burgerville has a notorious reputation around the GI department at her work (if ya know what I mean).  We were originally planning to eat at a very popular brunch place, but the wait was out the door.  I was in the mood for a burger and Burgerville was just a few blocks away.  Hey, why not?  I got a stomache of steel!

All over Burgerville, you see signs extolling the freshness of their ingredients.  Pictures of local farmers and their fresh bounty abound.  Mr. X and his wife make the best cheese that goes into the cheeseburgers.  Brother Y and Brother Z grow the finest produce that goes into the burgers and salads.  Everything is local and sustainable.  It's really like subliminal brainwashing.  I think it makes your food taste better, seeing how "fresh" and "local" all the ingredients are, while you sit and eat your food. 

Tillamook Cheeseburger
It looks like a hot mess, but it really wasn't so bad.  The bun was so soft and fluffy.  The patty was pretty meaty.  The sauce was reminiscent of In N' Out and their thousand island dressing.  The cheese was barely noticeable.  The lettuce and tomatoes were whatevers.   If only some more care and love went into assembling the burger, then I think it would have been a better success.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

La Paella

It has been quite some time since my last true blog entry.  You can consider my recent post on Yu Chun as just a little freebie to my "starving" readers, who have expressed longing and sorrow over my notable absence from the blogosphere.  I actually went to and blogged about Yu Chun some time ago.  Being a frequent haunt of mine, I didn't think it a time sensitive post, so kept it in the dusty backlogs for just that occasion when the "overworked" lead to the "underfed," blogger and readers, alike.  Don't know if any of that made sense, just try not to think too hard.  I try to apply that mentality to my everyday life, but sometimes it is not safe to have, considering my line of work...

The Communist, who will now be interchangeably referred to as The Pouter, was to begin yet another journey of world travels, this time to the land of communism and dumplings.  Before embarking on her international jaunt, she thought it would be nice to catch up and do what we do best together, EAT.  Eating is always more fun with more people (but please, no more than 6 is appropriate in my book).  Who else do we turn to for good fun and good times?  The Soprano Man.  This evening, he picked me up and even opened the door for me from the inside, from his driver side.  I thought to myself "Well, what a gentleman!"  Little did I know, that he only did that because the door does not open otherwise!

Who likes paella?  I do!  I do!  Well, at least I think I do.  Who can really turn down the thought of rice and seafood, married together in a delicate warmth of saffron scents with a Spanish flare?  Ole! I say!

Bread olive tapenade, butter
Pretty standard and unexciting.

Gambas al Ajillo shrimp sauteed with garlic and chili pod
We started off with a large pitcher of sangria (which, btw, was so delicious, but incredibly light on the alcohol here) and some tapas.  Disappointingly, the shrimp were few in number and high in price.  I was in such good spirits, and coming off a slew of moonlighting shifts, that I did not care too much.  In retrospect though, the shrimps were tasty, but not spectacular.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yu Chun Chic Naeng Myun

I never knew about Korean food until I got to college.  My first experience was not a great one.  I was really put off by all the strong, pungent, and spicy flavors.  Since then I've really grown accustomed to the flavors, and have really learned to appreciate the bold taste of Korean cuisine.  I would say these days, Korean food holds a special place in my heart.  I'm not just talking Korean BBQ folks.  Sure I enjoy meat, but I also enjoy other things such as naeng myun.  I will always be grateful to my ex for taking me to Yu Chun Chic Naeng Myun.  For me, its the best naeng myun in town.   I encourage you to take that statement with a grain of salt since I am not Korean, so what do I know?  It's like when a non-Vietnamese person tells me where to find the best pho.  In my mind, I'm thinking "Oh silly rabbit!  What do YOU know about pho?"

All I know is that I have not had any other naeng myun like the one that is served here.  I was told that the noodles are not made from buckwheat like the usual cold noodles, but in fact are made from arrowroot which supposedly makes them low calorie and healthy?  That's what the ex told me anyways.  

Naeng Myun #2 (#2 has the broth separate, #1 has the broth with the noodles)
The noodles are indescribably toothsome.  I wouldn't call it al dente.  That just doesn't do it justice.  They're slippery while being chewy.  A combination of pickley radishes, cucumbers, a few slices of beef, half a hard boiled egg, a generous sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds, and some crazy delicious spicy red sauce makes up the rest of the dish.  It's flavor-packed heaven in a cold metal bowl! 

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