Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Reservations are hard to come by at many of the hot & happening SF eateries.  The Pouter and I really wanted to eat at the ever popular Statebird Provisions, but couldn't get a reservation and planned to try for walk in.  After much discussion with previous diners, we decided that would be a poor decision, and went plan B, which was a fairly late 945pm? reservation at NOPA.  Don't get me wrong, NOPA is another bumpin' joint with excellent reviews, so we were still quite happy.

Amuse Bouche
A really simple slightly pickled/salted cucumber.  They kind of look like lime wedges and definitely had some lime flavor.

Piggy Platter headcheese, crispy trotter, country paté
I rarely meet a charcuterie platter I don't like, but aside from the crispy trotter which was like a meat tater tot, everything else was meh.  In fact, the headcheese had a terrible formaldehyde smell/taste to it.  It was soooo unappetizing.  The Pouter didn't agree with me, but I felt it wasn't even subtle.  It was like here are some pig parts that taste like cadavers.  Gross.

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