Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SK Donuts

My last LA donut discovery was disappointing.  The cronuts at DK left much to be desired and even their regular blueberry donuts, which were supposedly amazing were just meh.  So I was a bit skeptical when Hobag told me SK had some amazing donuts.   I had pretty low expectations from this mom n' pop shop.

A pretty standard selection.

We came specifically for these, but I wanted to peruse the offerings before committing.

I definitely have a weakness for the simple glazed yeast donut, but we came for the cake donuts so I passed.
Hobag being such the sociable conversationalist asked the owner, immediately upon entering the shop, what was the freshest donut at that hour.  It was the apple fritter.  We didn't get any.  Why did she even bother asking then?  Such a mystery, that Hobag...
Hello sir, I think you look Vietnamese, but let's just pretend you're Cambodian because its funnier that way.
Blueberry Cake Donuts
Red Velvet Cake Donuts

Holy jamoly!  These were pretty insanely delicious.  The blueberry flavor was not overpowering or artificial.  The red velvet was just a tad chocolately.  Both were not super sweet, which was much appreciated.  It sorta made it hard not to eat just one.  Another notable quality was the subtle fried crispiness of the exterior, which I'm beginning to learn is key to any great cake donut.   These kinds of donuts remind me that you don't need crazy flavors or gimmicks to make a drool worthy donut.  Sometimes it's the simplest things done well that are the most impressive.

10 - You NEED to eat here  (it's cheap, no lines, no hassle, so why not?)
9 - Awesome! 
8 - Very good
7 - Good 
6 - OK
5 - Average
4 - Not bad
3 - Not good
2 - Terrible
1 - Do NOT go here


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