Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nana San

Nana San keeps company with Ohshima, San Shi Go, and Ikko as Orange County's best sushi spots.  I've been here before for dinner omakase and was thoroughly impressed with the offering.  It's definitely the most bang for your buck compared to the other 3 places.  Lunch was no exception. Fishing Zebra Man has become my sushi compadre and will never turn me down when it comes to sushi.

Kanpachi (left)
Blue Fin Tuna (right)
Kanpachi was clean, but I've had better blue fin tuna.  I did not like the shiso of course.

Trio of Snappers red, black, goldeneye
Really great sampling.  Goldeneye was my favorite, probably because it was served with a bit of charred skin.

Sweet Shrimp
I was slightly miffed my shrimp was smaller than Fishing Zebra Man.  I dislike when the man gets served a bigger portion than the woman.  Yo yo yo!  I'm small, but I eat big!

Halibut (left)
European Seabass (right)

The seabass had to be one of the highlights with some caramelized shallots or onions on top.  Yum!
Scallop (left)
New Zealand King Salmon (right)

Hard to beat Ohshima's scallop.  The salmon was brightened with some yuzu and shaved onions, but Ohshima's cherry salmon wins again.
Baby Squid

I've only had baby squid one other time at Sushi Sushi.  There it was remarkably clean and appetizing.  Not quite the same at Nana San unfortunately.  This was probably my least favorite piece of the meal.
Uni Hand Roll

The uni wasn't part of the omakase but I had to have it to finish off.  Sooo good!
Orange Jello

Nana San probably ranks lowest amongst the aforementioned places.   It still is a pretty good place.  It's just that the competition is pretty stiff.  LoMa-Linda and Big Head Talks A Lot thought this place was pretty stellar given the price point.  Dinner was cheap, $60 I think?  Lunch was probably $40?  I was a satisfactory full.  If memory serves me right, dinner seemed a bit higher quality than lunch?  Not sure if things were just a little off that day for lunch.  In any case, I would certainly come back if I wanted more quantity for a lower price point.

10 - You NEED to eat here 
9 - Awesome! 
8 - Very good
7 - Good 
6 - OK
5 - Average
4 - Not bad
3 - Not good
2 - Terrible
1 - Do NOT go here


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