Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Fauchon is an international food company that dabbles in everything from pastries, confections, artisanal meats and cheeses.  At this outpost in Paris, they operated a small restaurant, bakery, and deli with some quick to-go items like sandwiches and salads.  Everything was soooo pretty and cute and of course cost an arm and a leg.  It made for a nice small meal/snack.  We were trying to hold out for dinner which was gonna be a big one.  Let's just say eating less so you can eat more isn't really my thing.  I need at least 2 square meals a day and if its happens to be 1 normal meal and 1 ginormo meal, I'm OK with that.  But don't give me 1 measly meal and 1 ginormo meal.  I was famished when we arrived.

I wanted to eat this whole leg of ham.

As delicious as it was pretty.

 I love fruit tarts!
Pâté en Croûte
There was such a deep meaty aroma to this.  It had a bit of everything, ham, pate, gelé, and a buttery crust.
 I was again impressed by the deep porky flavor in this simple bit of ham.

Enjoyed with a crusty baguette, the pickings from Fauchon made for a nice snack.  I was still a bit displeased this was supposed to be my "lunch" but I made do.  I wished I had picked more things to nibble on.  My pictures don't really do the place justice.  There are so many things to choose from and many things make excellent gifts.  They sell their stuff at the airport even!


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