Sunday, December 11, 2011

Joe's Burger

The argument over the "best burger" seems to be an endless debate for the ages.  Some of the more well known contenders nation wide are probably In 'N Out and Shake Shack.  Every city has its own local battle.  In LA, there's Father's Office, Golden State, Umami Burger, etc.  You can find me in the In 'N Out and Father's Office camp.  In Portland, I'm sure a battle is raging, but I'm not so "in-the-know" and I have no desire to hike all over the city trying different burgers.  I've tried Little Big Burger, which was just ok, but not worth a revisit.  Although I do pass it by on my way to workout and I cannot deny that the aroma wafting from it's doors is intoxicating, especially AFTER my workout.

More recently, I've tried Joe's Burgers, which is located at Bridgeport Village in Tigard.  Imagine the Irvine Spectrum, a highly commercialized and relatively new and shiny outdoor shopping complex in the heart of the suburbs.  There's a large movie theater & IMAX, Crate & Barrel, The Container Store, Banana Republic, etc.  It feels like a little bit of home away from home, so Dumpling Man and I find ourselves there A LOT.  Now Joe's Burger is not a restaurant or even a food cart.  It's a food kiosk, surrounded by other food kiosks like Wetzel's Pretzels, The Sweet Factory, a bakery selling overpriced gourmet cupcakes, and Portland's Kogi wannabe, Koi Fusion.  Despite being just a kiosk, it serves a burger that has come the closest to replicating In 'N Out's deliciousness.

These were delicious and fried to a golden crisp.  They really remind me of McDonald's french fries, having that perfect artificial fried potato taste very much lacking from In 'N Out's fries.

Despite Joe's Burgers less than stellar reviews on Yelp, I stand by my opinion that Joe's Burger is one damn tasty burger.  I will even go so far as to say that Joe's Burger comes pretty darn close to replicating the wonderfulness of In 'N Out.  Yes, folks, I said it.

It has the same soft bun that's slightly toasted on one side, crispy iceberg lettuce and tomatoes, thin patty, chopped sweet caramelized onions, and that sauce.  The taste is there and the size, well it's certainly more satisfying than the puny In 'N Out burgers.

Despite the very tangible similarities, there is something indescribable that still makes In 'N Out stand apart from Joe's.  Don't ask me what it is, but Joe's will still just be Joe's.  For me however, its the best burger in Portland, at this price point anyways.  Certainly better than that diarrhea inducing Burgerville.

Joe's Burgers
7409 SW Bridgeport Rd
TigardOR 97224

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Smooth Obturator at December 12, 2011 at 1:59 PM said...

looks like there's more lettuce than meat

Lynn at December 13, 2011 at 2:04 PM said...

isn't that how in 'n out burgers are?

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