Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two Tarts Bakery

I love a good cookie.  I like cookies more than brownies, ice cream, and cake.  Pies and tarts are a close second.  I had a craving for something sweet and buttery.  Two Tarts Bakery is popular for the variety of mini cookies they bake up daily.   They just have a case filled with many mini delights.

You might think its a bargain that everything is just 75cents, but the cookies are pretty darn small.  It would be better if the cookies were normal sized and 75cents, but oh well.  I still ended up buying 5.

Lil' Mama
This was probably one of my favorite cookies, because it is their version of an Oreo.  I love Oreos, but only the cookie part.  I'll buy a package of Oreos and cut out all the frosting and place all the cookies back to be eaten later.  It's just unnecessary unwanted fat and sugar that does not taste good.  This version has similar great cookie taste but with a delicious frosting center.  It gets sorta messy because the frosting is much softer so it all squishes out with each bite.

Fleur-de-Sel Chocolate Chip 
Pretty good chocolate chip cookie but it was hard to get a good taste because it was pretty small.  The tiny hint of salt was nice.  I like a bit of savory in sweets these days.  Somehow it brings a more sophisticated flavor.

Honey Graham Cracker & S'mores
Clever little cookie.  A biscuit-y graham cookie, dipped in chocolate with homemade marshmallow sandwiched in between.  Cute cookie and delicious!

Hazelnut Baci
Like a shortbread hazelnut cookie with a chocolate center.  I think this one is pretty popular but I didn't like it much.  A little to light on flavor for me.

Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie
Pretty disappointing.  Too dry.

Pecan Tessie
Ok this was one of my favorites too.  Like a mini pecan pie!  A flakey pie crust, with a nutty sweet chewy center.  I loved it.

I am definitely coming back to Two Tarts Bakery whenever I have a hankering for cookies, which is quite often.  It's just a short ride on the streetcar from where I stay when in Portland.  There's so many more cookies to try and I'm pretty sure most of them will be delicious as well.  How can you go wrong with mini anything?  I've noticed its more likely for small eats and appetizers to hit the spot than big dishes or entrees.  I support the idea that "Great things come in small packages!"

Two Tarts Bakery
2309 NW Kearney
Portland, OR 97210


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